Expansion Path is a video production company based in Vancouver, BC, that focuses on the high technology sector. We turn complex concepts into engaging stories.

Whatever your video needs are, we can script it, shoot it, edit it, and deliver it in any medium using the highest quality equipment and most current technology.

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Our clients need to inform their discoveries in a clear, dynamic, and precise manner and video is a natural choice. Expansion Path loves the creative process of taking your message and crafting it into an exceptional video that shows you in your best light. Your unique stories and qualities will be transformed into videos that will increase your business and exposure.

Your Videos

Expansion Path writes and produces videos that promote the use of new technologies for our clients. We create videos for presentations and humorous short films for marketing and sales events. Our videos span the universe of images from research institutions to green screen animated cartoons. We deliver for the web, podcasts, broadcast, or DVD.

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